Starting XI is a new program provided by Branden Stelmak to create opportunities outside the player’s soccer club/school. It’s a week long soccer camp with European-influenced training sessions.  The sessions are constructed to introduce and have the players participate in other positions throughout the week.  Seeing the game from different vantage points can help the player understand their strongest position. Technical and tactical details will be stressed to help the player see and play the game faster with quality.

The staff at Starting XI are looking for players to take their game to the next level. Those players who choose Starting XI will have a great opportunity to expand their knowledge through other cultures of soccer.  Our goal at Starting XI is for every player to improve technically, tactically and mentally. In addition, we want each player to express their creativity, build confidence with and without the ball, and provide a competitive atmosphere with new colleagues and connections.  Ultimately, we want our players fighting and maintaining that starting line-up spot. At Starting XI we want to work with all different types of players. We want leaders, players who are trying to make the team’s starting 11, or those trying to make the 18-person game roster.  Each type of player can provide a mentality and hard working attitude that can inspire us all.

The staff at Starting XI will encourage those who have aspirations to play at the next level. The staff has experience with many age groups; from eight years old to those in high school, men and women.  The staff will provide appropriate training methods to each age group and by working towards individual goals set by the players. In addition, we have experience training D1, D2 and D3 college soccer athletes across the country.

Let us be your “behind the scene” training that can benefit your club’s performances and your connection to greater possibilities.  Start your new chapter with us today and let’s overcome any obstacles together.

What is the difference with European training?

Americans and American athletes are built and programmed to win. At Starting XI, we help craft and sharpen the skill set of our players first and foremost . Our staff will drive the technical and tactical importance in a team atmosphere. Too many American soccer players are under-developed and lack basic skills to keep possession of the ball.  We need our soccer players to be comfortable utilizing both feet and most importantly, their body to increase their teams possession while dribbling, passing, and converting successful shooting situations.  The European training will help create soccer players and not just athletes.

A message from the owner …

Throughout our career, the staff has continuously worked hard to achieve their dreams and maximize their potential. We never had many opportunities outside our club teams.  We relied on strong self-motivation, make-shift training exercises in the backyard to only prepare ourselves when the opportunity presented itself. Mentally and physical we trained to be a player all our lives including today.  We know what’s reasonable and how far to push training exercise with the players.  Everything we will teach has been executed by us as a player and a coach.  At starting XI, we want our players to have the same experiences as our staff throughout our recent success.  We understand how important it is in the making of the next intelligent player. “I wish I knew what I know now, back then” is the perfect example of what Starting XI wants to share with our players. We are here to help each other find the courage to keep going and not settle for anything less than your best.