Coaches …

The staff at Starting XI are looking forward to working with you and your players. It is our intention to keep you informed about any recommended player’s progress. We hope to start a coaching carousal for those interested in being apart of our journey. We would gather your information and provide you with up-to-date training plans and schedules for the winter and summer seasons. With this information, you can recommend our program to your players or your player to our program. We, at Starting XI, want to work “behind the scenes” to improve your player’s next performance with your club or school. We are also accepting any invitations to your team camps, to offer a different dimension. The staff at Starting XI would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and express our plans moving forward.

If you and your club or school would like to be an official partner with Starting XI, please contact Branden Stelmak to discuss the possibilities.  A partnership with Starting XI costs nothing. However, the possibilities to work together are limitless.