Players …

Here is your chance to get additional training sessions in a team atmosphere at Starting XI. Each day, we will build on the basic skills to establish confidence with and without the ball. Once we have the confidence and increase the speed play, we will then focus on the decision making and creativity in game-like situations. However, beware of your fitness! This is not a running camp but your fitness may hinder or help maximize your potential. Fitness may be the difference between you and your opponent.  Good things happen to those who work hard. Take this opportunity to meet new players and coaches; expand your connections.


What do you need to bring:

  • Signed Waiver Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Player Bio
  • Payment Confirmation Receipt
  • Proper practice equipment including a ball

We will need a hard copy of all forms completely filled out with the appropriate signatures at check-in. Any missing information, signatures or failure to pay the full amount for the camp, gives us the right to deny the players participation until all forms are completed.

**All forms are located in the Guide Tab